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Sports Chiropractor in Lisbon

Preventative and Injury Care

Sports Chiropractor in LisbonIf you’re an athlete at any level, Inspiration Family Chiropractic & Wellness can support you with sports chiropractic. Dr. Cameron is well-versed in helping athletes and has worked with the Minnesota Vixen, a semiprofessional football team in Minneapolis. During her time there, she saw firsthand that chiropractic care could decrease the chance of injury and assist with quicker recovery times.

These players reported results such as a greater overall function and a feeling of more alertness and efficiency in their game.

Getting Started

The examination process for athletes involves looking at your functional movement patterns, starting from the ground up to determine the best way to help you. Dr. Cameron uses a variety of techniques, including soft tissue work with the Graston Technique. By removing scar tissue and other disturbances, your body will be able to function optimally.

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