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Family Chiropractic

Hands on boys headIf you’re suffering from a loss of movement or discomfort, it may be due to a subluxation, which interferes with your nervous system function. This system, the controller of everything in the body, needs to work optimally so that the rest of your body will follow suit.

An astounding 90% of your nervous system can fail to function before you start to feel pain.

This statistic means that family chiropractic care in Lisbon is a vital part of health care for all ages. Dr. Cameron detects any interference to your nervous system, removing it so that you can operate at 100% health.

Helping You and Your Loved Ones

There are numerous benefits of chiropractic for adults, children and expecting moms:

  • A greater ability to adapt to stress
  • Better sleep
  • Easier, quicker labor and delivery
  • Enhanced focus
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved nursing
  • Less crying
  • Superior immune system response

The problems Dr. Cameron has helped with include allergies, asthma, headaches, colic, bed-wetting, latching issues, sinus problems, low back pain, reflux, hyperactivity and infertility. Whether you’re hoping to become pregnant, are expecting a child or have children, we’re here to assist you.

A Personalized Approach

Your care will depend on our findings from your examination and the amount of pain you’re in, which may necessitate more frequent visits. Dr. Cameron may recommend that you come in 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks. As you get better, we’ll perform regular progress exams to understand how far you’ve come. You can then transition into wellness care, reducing to weekly, biweekly and monthly appointments.

Knowing What to Expect

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable at our office and with your care. Rest assured that everything will be fully explained to you before starting with an adjustment. One step at a time, we’ll walk you through the process and ensure you’re okay through each part of what we do.

The techniques Dr. Cameron uses are manual and instrument-based. We’ll use the one that we feel works best for your unique needs. A drop table assists in making your adjustment easy.

To find out more, contact Inspiration Family Chiropractic & Wellness today! We offer same-day visits.


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